Quality Management

Because our company is certified for waste disposal by the LVR-Entsorgergemeinschaft Sachsen e.V, the quality of our products and services is documented.

Our company is certified as a recycling specialist according to §56 of the German Waste Management and Product Recycling Act (KrWG).

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday7.00 to 16.00
Wednesday7.00 to 18.00
Saturday8.00 to 12.00
Saturday is closed in January and February.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Aluminium Scrap

  • cast parts
  • production and stamping wastee
  • scrap metal and profile scrap
  • from removal and demolition

Copper Scrap

  • production and stamping waste
  • granules
  • scrap metal and wire scrap
  • removal and scrap

Stainless Steel Scrap

  • V2a (4301), V4a (4571)
  • NCT scrap
  • chromium scrap
  • nickel scrap of all types
  • special alloys
  • Widia to HSS

Zinc, Tin, Lead

  • gutters
  • pipes
  • solder
  • pewter


  • bronze
  • red bronze
  • stamping and scrap waste
  • nickel silver
  • EDM wires
  • removal and scrap