Quality Management

Because our company is certified for waste disposal by the LVR-Entsorgergemeinschaft Sachsen e.V, the quality of our products and services is documented.

Our company is certified as a recycling specialist according to §56 of the German Waste Management and Product Recycling Act (KrWG).

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday7.00 to 16.00
Wednesday7.00 to 18.00
Saturday8.00 to 12.00

Non-Ferrous Metals

Aluminium Scrap

  • cast parts
  • production and stamping wastee
  • scrap metal and profile scrap
  • from removal and demolition

Copper Scrap

  • production and stamping waste
  • granules
  • scrap metal and wire scrap
  • removal and scrap

Stainless Steel Scrap

  • V2a (4301), V4a (4571)
  • NCT scrap
  • chromium scrap
  • nickel scrap of all types
  • special alloys
  • Widia to HSS

Zinc, Tin, Lead

  • gutters
  • pipes
  • solder
  • pewter


  • bronze
  • red bronze
  • stamping and scrap waste
  • nickel silver
  • EDM wires
  • removal and scrap